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Posted Thursday, July 28, 2016
Oswald Bldg, 1100 Superior Ave-1st Floor Conf Room

We all know that an HVAC upgrade or LED lighting project can save energy but have you thought about your building envelope?  It’s important to consider all sides of a building from roof to floors to windows and doors.  In this session we’ll learn the following:

  • Definition of the building enclosure and the importance of the building enclosure to energy efficiency
  • Basic concepts of heat, air and moisture transfer in a building
  • How walls address water, air, vapor and thermal issues and the difference between a “barrier wall” and a “cavity wall”
  • Energy Utilization Index (EUI), how it’s measured and what it means
  • Fenestration systems: selection attributes, performance rating criteria, and strategies for increasing energy performance 
  • Roofing systems: a case study describing an Owner’s experience

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